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Wright Bibliography Resumes

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The Richard Wright Circle is pleased to announce its resumption of providing updated Wright bibliography for users of the WRIGHT CONNECTION.  Both the Circle and the Project on the History of Black Writing are very grateful to Marilyn Lee, Serials Librarian at Xavier University (New Orleans), for her initiative in continuing the bibliographic work begun by Keneth Kinnamon , who until his death was the Circle’s official bibliographer.

The new bibliography will continue to reflect Kinnamon’s belief that all published mentions of Richard Wright and his works must be documented.

We invite users of WRIGHT CONNECTION to submit complete citations in MLA format for items not listed here for the period 2004-2011. Contributors will be acknowledged by having their initials appear after the entry or entries they send.  Entries may be sent to

Wright Bibliography 7-2-2011


Maryemma Graham and Jerry W. Ward, Jr. for the Richard Wright Circle

South Carolina students connect with Black Boy

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Byron Brown, Summer 2010 Wright Connection Institute participant, and his students connect to Black Boy in South Carolina:

During the fall semester of 2010, I had the opportunity to teach Black Boy to my students at Scott’s Branch High School.  I teach students who are on poverty level and below actual reading grade levels. We began exploring Black Boy by the teacher writing the word “hunger” on the board.  As the leading facilitator in the room, I asked each student to say what comes to mind when they hear the word “hunger.”  I wrote each word on the blackboard that the students called:  “poverty,” “homeless,” “fatherless,” “struggles” and “deprived” were the popular concepts being stated.  Then, I asked what it means to be hungry.  Several students answered:  “to be without,” “to desire something greater,” and “having an urge for something.”  As the teacher, I then said “good” to all the students.  I told them that we were going to read about a man who had undergone basically everything they stated.  Immediately the students’ interest rose.


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Half Centennial Tribute Poster

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November 30, 2010 marked the 50th anniversary of the passing of Richard Wright.  In Paris, France, where he died, many gathered at his former home, his favorite places and his burial site at Pere Lachaise Cemetery.  Julia Browne, CEO and Founder of Walking the Spirit Tours, collected images from some of those in Paris to celebrate Wright’s half centennial and created this Wright Tribute Poster from that event.

Students explore poetry through mp3 players and quilts

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Emily Robbins, Summer 2010 Wright Connection Institute participant, utilized new teaching ideas in her Knoxville, TN classroom.

Although I have not had the opportunity to teach any of Richard Wright’s works this year, I have been able to use many of the teaching ideas that were presented at the NEH Institute last summer. As soon as I got home from the institute, I put in a request for a class set of easy-to-use SanDisk Mp3 players. I loved the different lesson ideas presented at the Institute, and I knew that I could build upon those ideas in my own classroom.

For one freshmen English lesson, I taped a guided analysis of how to read and analyze a poem; I also taped myself walking through two student example papers explaining how they were effective at analyzing a poem. When the students walked into the classroom, they were handed an Mp3 player and copies of two student papers, and they were instructed to turn to a poem in their literature books. On the Mp3 player I had taped instructions that would help guide them through the lesson.

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Images from the “Richard Wright Suite” at Yale University

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The Yale Digital Commons searchable Cross Collection Discovery contains a portfolio of six etchings and aquatints making up the Richard Wright Suite (2001) by artist John Wilson.  The titles are:


The Death of Mann

Mann Attacked

Death of Lulu

Journey of the Mann Family of Lulu

Light in the Window

The Richard Wright Suite is housed in the Yale University Art Gallery.