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Teacher Larry Hoffner’s Students Combine Art and Literature

Posted on March 3, 2011 | No Comments

Larry Hoffner, Summer 2010 Wright Connection Institute participant teaches at LaGuardia High School, NYC… the “Fame” school.

Larry HoffnerThis year I didn’t teach Wright, but I had a student-teacher whom I worked with who taught Native Son. It was a very rewarding experience. He was young and very enthusiastic. The students really took to the text and the discussions were rich a rewarding. Since we are an art school, we had the students create murals to decorate our hallways. The plan was to create the scene where Bigger decapitates Mary, but that idea was rejected for obvious reasons. The scene that was produced is where Bigger is killing the rat. I photographed and attached some of the pictures. What I found most profound during the experience was the process. While the students were creating these pieces, they discussed the text in a rather informal and perceptive manner. Perhaps all literature can be taught and learned through this type of interactive and creative process. It made learning fun!


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