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New radio documentary on Native Son

Posted on September 6, 2013 | No Comments

Studio 360 presents a radio documentary on Native Son, the first to air in a series on American Icons.

American Icons: Native Son

From Studio 360:

This is the novel about racism that America couldn’t ignore.

The story of a young man in the ghetto who turns to murder was an overnight sensation. Richard Wright set out to confront white readers with the most brutal consequences of racism, and finally lay to rest the stereotype of the passive Uncle Tom — “he literally wanted to create a bigger Thomas,” one scholar argues. But some think Native Son exploited the worst stereotypes of black youth. “Is this giving me permission to go kill white women?” wondered a young Carl Hancock Rux. “Is that what we’re supposed to be doing now?”

We trace the line from Bigger Thomas to Notorious B.I.G., and visit a high school drama class acting out Native Son, and struggling to grasp the racism their grandparents experienced. With Nathan McCall, Carl Hancock Rux, and Richard Wright’s daughter, Julia Wright.


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